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What is a Stand-Out CV?

Monday, January 18, 2016 10:50 pm

There is much hype out there of what a stand-out CV/Résumé looks like.  It’s a no-brainer that having a quality CV/Résumé is what is needed to get an interview in this competitive job market. 

Some like it to be pretty with a visual appeal beyond all others.  Some say it needs to be no more than one page.  Others want dot points, or data in coloured boxes. 

Our experience points to the best Stand-Out CV being one that quickly shows the Hiring Manager how your experiences and qualifications match their requirements.  It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. 

In some industries, you might like to add other things, for example Hiring Managers for technically based roles like to see a table of your technical expertise (listing the software and/or hardware you have expertise in and an indication of your level of competence in each).

In general, it doesn’t matter how pretty your CV/Résumé looks, or how long or short it is.  What matters is how quickly the reader can identify how well your experience and qualifications match what they’re looking for in their new staff member.

It’s really that simple!  But with something that simple comes work.  Work by you to ensure that in the first 30 seconds, the Hiring Manager can easily see how you match their needs.

This is because the Hiring Manager will give every application approx. 6-30 seconds to determine if your application is worth spending more time on.  If in that 6-30 seconds, you tick several of the boxes matching their requirements (gleaned from the job ad), then they are likely to put your application in the ‘YES’ pile to be read in more detail later.  Then it doesn’t matter how long it is, or what colours you use.  The only thing that they are interested in is how well you match what they are looking for.

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