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Transition Services

Your situation is unique.  There are many variables such as personal situations, reasons for discharging, job locations, jobs to target, salary needs, different CTAS entitlements, funding sources, etc, and therefore we don't have a one size that fits all approach. Only a conversation can establish your individual needs and the matching services that will help to meet those needs.   Since 2004, we have developed a range of tools, strategies and tips to help thousands successfully move from Defence into your new career.

We have individually tailored face to face programs that cover the Defence CV Coaching entitlement (up to $253), Tier 2 CTAS funding (up to $1100) and Tier 3 CTAS funding (up to $2820 – this includes on-going free interview coaching support - yes on-going) and also the flexibility to provide programs that cover other specific needs.

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Our services typically cover:


Get career direction advice - 1 on 1 session and a comprehensive personalised report

Find career streams you're suited to - Personality based on MBTI - 15 min questionnaire & full internationally recognised report. Measures your psychological preferences in how you view the world and make decisions.



  • CV/Resume (de-militarised and targeted)
  • Cover Letter (de-militarised and targeted)
  • Application Guide
  • Selection Criteria
  • Linked-In Profile


Set your expectations - Know what employers want

Finding a Job - Strategies on how to find the job

Social Media - How Social Media and job hunting are used without you knowing


  • the Organisation
  • their Culture
  • the Pay
  • your Career Path
  • the Location

Transferable skills - Understand your skills and experiences and how to transfer them commercially 

Qualifications - Gap analysis to be competitive, including civil accreditation and RPL/RCC 

What to say - Know what to say before you go to the interview 

Achievements - Identify and rehearse 

Your commercial value (specific to each job) - How to identify this 

Referees - How reference checks are conducted

Gaps in career - How to cover them off

Why you're leaving your current job - How and when to say it

How to reveal an injury - How and when to say it

Weaknesses - How to tell them without ruling you out

Tell me about yourself - What do employers want to hear (its not what you think)?

Nerves - How to handle nerves

Salary negotiation - Negotiate the best starting salary

Typical, Situational, Behavioural questions - Distinguish and know how to answer each

Dress - What to wear

Job contracts - Understanding your contract

Recruitment agencies - How to use recruitment agencies and why they are different 

Civilian employers - What are they looking for and how do you structure what you do?


All the above services are covered in our Tier 3 CTAS Career Transition Management Coaching (CTMC) Program. 

The value of our services are also recognised by the VIC and NSW RSL.  Upon application, they will fund our CV building and interview coaching services where ex-Defence members have initiated their discharge, but are unable to access these services through CTAS.  Click here for more information.

And we have a DIY option as a cost effective option suited to those who are good at learning from the written word. You get the complete set of the templates that we use and resourceful documents that have been tested, proven and continue to bring success to those who use them.  They include:

  • eBook Military Transition to Civilian
  • Job Interview Preparation Guide
  • Job Application Guide
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Dressing for Success
  • Effect of the Ageing Workforce
  • Negative Factors to avoid
  • How to Address Selection Criteria
  • Referee Thank You email templates
  • Covering Letter Templates
  • When to reveal an injury

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