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Facts of Gaining New Employment

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:56 am


Changing jobs is widely recognised as being almost as stressful as a divorce, a family death or moving house.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average time to gain new employment in 2014 was 13 weeks. 

Time unemployed costs you and your family (yes that sounds obvious, but many don’t realise it until it's too late). The longer you’re unemployed, the less confident you are. The pressure to find employment to support your family compounds things. Your ability to take advantage of a good opportunity when it presents is reduced.

If you earn $80k per year and you're out of work for one month, it costs you over $6500 per month.  

The optimum process of gaining a new job:

  • Start thinking about changing jobs 2-5 years out and have clarity around it.
  • Identify what qualifications will make you competitive in that market and seek to gain these.
  • Find a role with your current employer that will align to good career progression to the new job you want.
  • Start to populate your CV/Résumé with achievements.
  • Seek professional assistance to construct your written application and know how to best promote yourself to win the job you’re after (write for the reader).
  • Start canvassing your network 12 months out.
  • Start looking at job vacancies 4-5 months out.
  • Choose which job offer you will accept.


  • The time taken between jobs is at your discretion (you can start straight away or decide to take a break between jobs).
  • The stress involved with changing jobs is almost nil.
  • You take advantage of gaining the best possible salary to provide for and support you and your family.
  • The job you end up with is satisfying and fulfilling.

What happens in most cases:

  • You start thinking about changing jobs within the last 12 months and have a vague idea of what to do.
  • Look at getting qualifications in the last two months before leaving your current job, or do it afterwards.
  • You have no influence on your career progression as it's too late to change things.
  • One month out you start thinking about a CV/Résumé and you piece something together yourself.
  • You send your CV/Résumé to many advertised job vacancies.
  • You get frustrated when you get little or no response to your applications.
  • Your confidence suffers because your ego has taken a hit when you get the feeling that your skills aren’t wanted.
  • Stress starts to build on you and your family.
  • You lower your expectations and feel that you will have to settle for a lesser job because you can’t break into the new job market.
  • You blame all other factors for the dilemma you’re in.
  • You are losing money fast because you are unemployed.
  • Some will then seek professional assistance to get a quality written application to get to a job interview.
  • Even less will engage a Carer Coach to reduce the stress and gain meaningful employment quicker.
  • How long could you live off your savings?  Is this what you wanted to use your savings for?

Some will read this and think – this could never happen to me, because I know I’m a good person and I have proven myself in my current job.  Besides, what I used last time worked and I see no need to change it now. 

After 10 years of helping people win jobs we see far too many great people (at all levels) who become frustrated and deflated at their inability to win a new job in today's tough job market.


For those who have been made redundant (for whatever reason), all the above will be even more compounded (timeframes and emotions).  The emotional toll this process takes (in almost in every case) is far worse than expected.  

The good news is that in most cases the best person doesn’t win the job!  It’s the person who can best ‘play the Job Search game’.  This is where quality external help is so beneficial. 

This isn’t a sales pitch to use our CV/Résumé and/or Career Coaching services.  It is designed to highlight that if you do things right from the beginning, it doesn’t have to be stressful and it can not only save you money by getting into a new job faster, it can potentially make you money by knowing how to promote yourself better and get a higher starting salary as a result.

Where do you fit above?

We are here to help.  Call us on 1300 366 104, or email to find out the mistakes you're making and rectify them quickly, before it costs you too much.