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Medical Discharges

Firstly, we understand there is a significant difference between those who choose to leave Defence and those who are being forced to leave under medical grounds (regardless if its physical or mental). For this reason alone, we take extra care in assisting individuals to work their way through the convoluted maze of appointments and entitlements. We help you to complement and maximise the entitlements offered by both Defence and DVA.

We make sure you're aware of all your entitlements, not just those your Case Manager tells you about. These additional entitlements may include Work Trials, training courses through both CTAS and DVA, using your Vocational and Functional Capacity Assessments to your advantage, advice on how the entitlements of both Departments need to complement each other, plus loads more.

At Trans-Civ, we have staff who have gone through the medical discharge process and can assist you with first hand experience.  There's nothing like speaking to someone who knows exactly what you're going through.

Our process is to help you build your CV/Resume in a way that promotes you to employers, provide advice on the possible career options available, real-time course options to increase your employability, an individual face to face service that provides you the tools to sell yourself at job interviews.  We help you use all the other entitlements, not only those that Defence give you, but also DVA as well to maximise your chances of gaining the employment you're seeking.  We do all this at no expense to you.  All our services are funded totally by Defence.

But don't just take our word for it, we encourage you to evaluate other service providers. 

Here are some questions you can ask when evaluating other providers:

  • Can you explain how you will translate my Defence background and leverage all my Defence experiences to sell myself to a non-military employer?
  • Can you explain how I can reveal the reason I'm leaving Defence to an employer so that it won't have a detrimental effect on my chances of winning the job?
  • Does my CV/Résumé service come with an understanding of the building process and show how I can tailor the written application for success in each separate job application?
  • Do you provide guidance on how to write effective Covering Letters?
  • Can you provide a comprehensive list of my Transferable Skills (in non military terms)?  For someone who has completed four years service, you should have over 75 different transferable skills to use.
  • Do you provide employment options specific to my situation (discussing industry requirements, salary ranges Vs tertiary qualifications and job vacancies)?
  • Will you provide assistance in exploring additional qualifications to enhance my employability?
  • Can you assist with different job search strategies and discuss how to use them to gain results?
  • Will you discuss salary negotiation in general terms and provide strategies specific to my situation?
  • Will you provide information and assistance on how to address selection criteria when applying for government positions?
  • Can you discuss changes in the labour market and the effect on today's ageing workforce?
  • Will you assist me in understanding the importance of personal appearance when attending an interview?
  • Will you discuss all elements of job interviews (both Public Service and Private Sector)?
  • Will you conduct face to face sessions, workshopping appropriate responses to job interview questions (typical, behavioural and situational)?
  • Will you provide proven tools and strategies to prepare for each interview?
  • Will you conduct sufficient face to face mock interview training sessions until I'm ready to tackle a job interview, not assume I'll be ready in two sessions?
  • Do you offer practice interviews as a refresher prior to the real thing?
  • Will you teach me how to evaluate job offers, ensuring I understand what elements are important to me and identifying them in the letter of offer?
  • And will you do all the above within the funding offered by Defence?

When selecting a provider you should not only evaluate them using the above questions but you should choose someone that you have a true connection with.  That is, don't necessarily go with one particular organisation just because they have a good reputation, but also make sure the person who will be helping you can address all of the above points to your satisfaction.  A comprehensive face to face service is vitally important.

Yes we do offer all of the above.

To have one of our experienced local Career Development Practitioners contact you, please use the form below or call us in 1300 366 104.

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